Get a Free Home Valuation

Get a Free Home Valuation

Evaluations with Valuations

Valuations has been providing house estimates to vendors all across the UK since 1996. House estimations done by us or through our partners. Our experience with the market helps us to estimate property value efficiently.

Do you often ask yourself “what is my house worth?” You are most welcome to find the answer with our house estimation, at Valuations. Just ask us, “What is my house price,” or “what is the value of my home?”, and we will give you an accurate estimate. Our expert estate agents provide the most accurate valuation of property. You can rely on us to accurately estimate my house value and see to it that your sale pitch is perfect. We offer free online home valuation estimates by filling out the online form..

Save money

Ask us, a professional estate agent for a valuation before selling is especially important. If you know what it is worth, you are in good position.


We give accurate property valuations that take account of the present market conditions and expert advice from local real estate agents before buying or selling. Our friendly and professional staff offer comfort and ease.


You can schedule your valuation survey online. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get the onsite value of your property at multiple locations across the UK.

What Is Valuations Estimate?

The Valuations Estimate is an accurate value of your property. It draws on all data points across the UK to help you with property sale.

How Do We Calculate the Estimate?

We calculate the estimate with an algorithm that shall include our survey results, the market value, any damage costs, and real estate agent advice.

How accurate is it?

Since the estimate is based on property sales data and is done by the local real estate experts it can be very accurate. It depends on the data used and the location of the property.

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