Difference between Free and Professional Property Valuation

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The values of homes or properties in Solihull are different from one another, just like everywhere else in the country. Even the same size homes in the same town and same street can differ a great deal in terms of value. The reason behind is the many factors, like an age of the property, condition of the building structure, features, and need for repairs and upgrades, etc. So, this is why it becomes essential for every potential buyer to know the value of a property that he/she is willing to buy.

When it comes to knowing a house price estimate Solihull, then there are basically two options available. You can either hire a professional property valuer’s paid service, or you can use a free online valuation tool. Here is the difference between the two approaches that you must also know before you opt for any of the two available options.


Buying/selling a property involves a huge sum of money and it might be the biggest transaction that you are going to make in your life. So, authenticity becomes critical. You would want to know the exact estimated value of the property that you want to buy to make sure that you pay the fair price. Professional valuation is a complete systematic process in which all aspects of the property are inspected.

A property valuer will collect all necessary information, like any needs for repairs or improvements by performing a thorough inspection. On the other hands, the free online tools will only calculate the data that you enter into the system. It lacks the ability to analyze the current condition of the building. So, when it comes to authenticity, then you must opt for the professional property valuation Solihull, instead of online tools.


On average, the services of professional property valuations Solihull can cost you around £290 to inspect a house. However, you can get in touch with a local property valuer to know what he will charge from you to inspect a particular property. But against this fee, you can easily secure your heavy investment by knowing that you are going to buy the right property.

On the other hand, you don’t need to pay anything to use the online property valuation tools. This approach is best when you just need to have a rough idea about the value of a property and you don’t want to pay anything.


Because professional property valuation is a complete process, so it can take approximately a few hours, or even a day to inspect all the features of the house. On the other side, the online tools can provide you the estimate within 15 minutes of time. If you need a quick, rough estimate, then online tools are the right way to go.

Difference between Free and Professional Property Valuation


When it comes to the value, then the free house valuation Solihull tools are nothing more than a rough estimate. They do not have any sort of legal standings too. So, if you need the right estimate that can really secure your investment, then hiring a professional valuation service is all that you need.

Now, you have learned enough about the free and paid valuation services. This will help you select the best option in your case. When looking for the professional services, it is important to make sure that you are hiring a licensed valuer or a company that is known for the credibility and reputation.


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