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Estimated Value of Property

Are you wondering, “How can I estimate my house value?” This question comes to every property owner’s mind at some point in time. You may be looking to sell it at a better price to pay off the mortgage, or you might want to relocate to a new home and need quick money. The best way to get accurately estimated value of property is by consulting professional realtors in the area. We are here to help you know the best price your property is worthanywhere in London, Birmingham,andall over the U.K.

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How Often Do You Need a Property Value Estimation?

You should get a property value estimate every year, at least. Whether you are selling it or not, knowing its worth is always a good idea. Sometimes, people have no plans and suddenly life takes them in a new direction. Overnight, people sell their property and change states for a better life and job. At such times, knowing where to begin helps you make the best deal.

Why Should I Estimate the Market Value of My Home?

Current Property Value of My Home | Estimate My House Value in London UKEstablishing the value of your home gives you an edge over the property taxes, sale and refinancing, and insurance premiums. Many people hire professional appraisers like us to estimate the current market value of their property. There is no reason why you cannot do it yourself, but a professional can always be the better choice.

Imagine if a potential buyer comes to your doorstep asking for an estimate of the worth of your property and all you have to say is, “I don’t know the current property value of my home.” It would tell the potential buyer that you are not so good at selling. If you are unlucky, the person may rip you off by buying at a much lower price than your property is worth.

Suppose you are close to closing a deal and have committed at a lower price. After that, you realize that you have made a mistake and tell the potential buyer that, “I mistakenly told you a wrongly estimated value of my house earlier, but the new value is £10,000 more”. What do you think would happen? You will lose the deal!

Therefore, it is better to ask us what the worth of your property is ahead of time. We will gladly offer expert advice and help you find the right customer.

How to Estimate My House Value

If you decide to estimate your house value on your own, then there are some simple steps to follow. First, consider the factors that may affect the property value. These usually include:

  • External Characteristics – Lot size, “curb appeal”, home condition, architectural style, sewage/water systems, paved road, sidewalk, etc.
  • Internal characteristics – Construction quality, number and size of rooms, appliance condition, heating type, etc.
  • Supply and Demand – The ratio of homes available for sale and number of buyers in your area can tell how quickly your property will sell.
  • Location – A desirable location increases appeal for the property, making it easier to sell.

To save yourself the hassle and to avoid wrong estimates, it is better to talk to professionals like us. Let us handle all this for you. We maintain transparency and keep you in the loop to make sure we win your trust. Our clients’ reviews will speak for us and defend our remarkable experience.

Can the Current Property Value of My Home Improve?

One common question property owners ask appraisers if the estimated value is not up to their expectation is, “How can I improve the current value of my property?”Yes! It can improve and we will tell you how. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Improve landscape
  • Create space
  • Improve lighting and interior aesthetic appeal
  • Make an amazing front door or porch. Improve exterior lighting and aesthetic appeal
  • Improve kitchen and toilets
  • Make necessary plumbing and carpentry repairs in the structure
  • Go green. Attend to electrical, gas, and water systems and improve them
  • And more…

Does this seem a lot? No need to fret. Call us now on 03303300437 or write to us on we will help you! We calculate the estimate of properties using an algorithm that would include any damage costs, the market value, survey results, and real estate agent advice.


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Current Property Value of My Home | Estimate My House Value in London UKCurrent Property Value of My Home | Estimate My House Value in London UKCurrent Property Value of My Home | Estimate My House Value in London UKCurrent Property Value of My Home | Estimate My House Value in London UK
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