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Home Property Values by Address

Some people have a great interest in knowing the value of their property. They come to us with the question,“What’s the value of my house?”We can help you determine the value of a particular house by the locality or address. If you live in a very posh locality, surely the value of your house will be higher. In addition, there are some other factors to keepin mind. For instance, thesize of rooms, floors of the building, condition, number of rooms, lawn, swimming pool, and how old or new it is, etc. The architecture also has a great significance in determining the value of your house.

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Why Address Matters

Home property values by addressare impossible to ignore. Numbers or house numbersplay an important part in estimating the value and cost of any house. Some people like number one or numbers with a lucky number somewhere. They want to live in a house address, which looks like flat # A-1, Street 9 or something that appeals to them.

In addition,houses that are closer to a church, market, casino, theatre, or park, etc., will have a greater value. Attractive house address numbers, nearness to facilities, and their vicinity will certainly make a difference in the propertyvalue. Houses located on corner also have greater value.

Street Influences Property Value

You may also have a question like“What’s the value of houses on my street?”in mind.If a particular street or area has many houses with asimilar design and size,as it isin thecase of flats or a specific housing area, the value and price will not be verydifferent. However, if the street or area has various sizes, designs, thenumber of floors and rooms, and other characteristics, then the price will be different. A 2-kanal bungalow will be more expensive as compared to a 1.5-kanal. Similarly, a 3-bed apartment will be cheaper than a 4-bed one.

What's the Value of My House | Home Property Values by Address in London UKTherefore, these few factors play an important role in fixing a high or low price of a house. If you want to improve the value of your house, you need to take some serious steps. Like, repairing any damage, whitewash paint, improve the architecture and design, enhance the interior and exterior withhome décor, install centrally heating or air conditioning system, repair water and sewerage, cleanliness of the outer area, and lawn, etc. These factors will add value to your property.

You can simply check and decide ifthe house next to yours is better or not. However,ourprofessional, experienced and skilled appraiser will guide you better in this regard.

If you want to have a price and value estimate of your house and want to know ifit is better in value as compared to other houses, then give us a call.Our customer care service will help you. We are always there to give you a thorough market value report. You can talk to us on01242 528 080. Our lines are open for you 24/7. We help with appraising properties in London, Birmingham, and other places in the U.K.


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